3 Subtle Things That Can Have A Huge Impact On Your Test Preparation And Score

Tests and the grades that you score in them can often hold the key to your future career. That is why it is important to prepare as best as you can for these tests. Although it isn’t enjoyable and can be hard, test preparation is simply an integral part of every student’s life. Hence, it is important to put your head down and prepare hard for these tests so that you can maximize your chances of following that dream career of yours. However, in spite of the best preparation, your test grades can actually suffer due to several things. Let us now take a look at 3 subtle things that can have a huge impact on your test preparation and score.

Taking Regular Breaks from Study:

Our brain has limitations. It is important to understand this. We may have thousands of pages to cover for that upcoming test but our brain can only take in so much without burning out completely. Hence, it is essential to take small breaks as often as needed. This will ensure that our brains get some good rest and can regroup for more things to study and understand. You should also make sure to take Sundays off and enjoy a nice trip to a nearby park or hill to relax. This will keep away long-term fatigue and help you remain concentrated on your studies throughout the year.


This is a subtle thing but it can definitely have a huge impact on your grades. This is because your handwriting is the one thing that you have to make an impression on the examiner. A poor handwriting will instantly create a bad impression about you in the mind of the examiner. With that impression, you can be sure that they will not be too liberal in awarding you marks.

Eating Healthy Food:

Food is what fuels our brain and enables us to concentrate on our studies. The quality of food that we eat can have a direct impact on how we feel and more importantly how well we study. Eating junk food can be quick but will leave you feeling full and drowsy. You will not be able to concentrate and will lose precious time trying to freshen yourself up. Instead, if you eat healthy greens and leafy vegetables, you will feel light and energetic. Your brain will be receptive to taking in the concepts you study and you will also be able to remember things better.

4 Study Tips To Help You Ace The AP Tests

AP Tests, although not mandatory, are an important part of a student’s life. These tests can help shape your future by deciding which course and college you get admitted to. These tests can also earn you free college credits while you are still at school. This will enable you to greatly reduce your workload in college. Hence, it is important to take these tests very seriously and try to ace it. Let us now take a look at 4 Study tips that will help you ace the AP tests.

Start Preparing Early:

AP Tests are not to be taken lightly. These are hard tests that aim to test your knowledge and understanding of the topics. The questions go deep into the concepts and aim to separate the best students from the rest. This means that a superficial understanding of the concepts will definitely not suffice when it comes to tackling these tests. Hence, it is essential to start preparing for these test about 8 to 9 months before the actual test dates. This will ensure that you have enough time to cover each topic in depth and revise it several times too. Moreover, the extra time will enable you to be able to take several mock tests and get a feel for the real test.

Form Study Groups:

Finding a study buddy or forming a study group is an excellent way to keep yourself accountable. Often, our own motivation to study and stick to our planned study schedule fails us. This is when our study buddy or group will force us to stick to the task at hand. The study group will usually ensure that you are consistent with your preparation. This means that the concepts will always be fresh in your mind. You will also be able to help each other out in case you fail to understand any concepts or get stuck with a problem.

Don’t Overload yourself:

It is important not to overload yourself with too much study. A little play and rest time always does a lot of good. With the test looming around the corner, it can be difficult to convince yourself to take a break, but you need to realize that it will only do you good.

Take Mock Tests:

Taking Mock tests can help you get familiar with the test timing, environment, and more importantly, help you assess your current level of preparation. You need to take several mock tests to be able to feel comfortable and confident when taking the actual AP Tests.